Research & Publications

I - Academic Publications

"Media Sentiment and International Asset Prices"

    • Co-authored with S. Fraiberger, D. Lee and R. Ranciere

    • Status: published in Journal of International Economics (2021)

    • Notes: old NBER version here. Updated version of our (daily) news-based country-specific sentiment indices since 1990 - along with sample codes - available here very soon!

"Do Old Habits die Hard? Central banks and the Bretton Woods Gold Puzzle"

    • Co-authored with E. Monnet

    • Status: published in Journal of International Economics (2020).

    • Notes: The old IMF WP version is here. Historical FX and Gold reserves database and replication files available on the JIE website.

"Push Factors and Capital Flows to Emerging Markets: Why knowing your lender matters more than fundamentals?"

    • Co-authored with with S. Claessens and E. Cerutti

    • Status: published in Journal of International Economics (2019)

"Growth Slowdowns and the Middle Income Trap"

    • Co-authored with S. Aiyar, R. Duval, Y. Wu, and L. Zhang

    • Status: published in Japan and the World Economy (2018). Final published version here.

"Mutual Fund Flows and the Geography of Contagion"

    • Status: published in Journal of International Money and Finance (2015)

II - Working Papers & Ongoing Projects

"Capital Flows and Institutions" (with D. Igan & A. Lauwers.)

  • Status: CEPR Working Paper, 2022. Submitted for Publication.

"One ring to rule them all? New evidence on World Cycles" (with E. Monnet)

"Are foreigners driving local house prices? Evidence from the US" (with A. Ari & Y. shi)

    • Status: IMF Working Paper, 2020

    • Revise and Resubmit at Real Estate Economics

"Macroeconomic and Distributional effects of Personal Income Tax reforms: An heterogeneous agents model approach for the US" (with A. Peralta-Alva and S. Lizarazo Ruiz)

    • IMF Working Paper, 2017

"Demand Composition and Income Inequality" (with D. Pothier)

    • IMF Working Paper, 2015

III - Policy Publications

"Covid-19 and the Corporate Sector: Where we stand" (with L. Rawdanowicz)

  • Vox EU Column (2021) - Based on OECD Economic Outlook (June, 2021)

"Emerging Market Hidden Debt Risk" (with M. Das, S. Kalemli-Ozcan, L. Varela)

  • Project Syndicate Column (2020)

"Dominant Currencies and External Adjustment" (with G. Adler, C. Casas, L. Cubeddu, G. Gopinath, N. Li, S. Meleshchuk, C. Osorio Buitron)

    • IMF Staff Discussion Note (2020)

"Discerning Good from Bad Credit Booms : The Role of Construction" (with G. Dell'Ariccia, E. Ebrahimy, D. Igan )

    • IMF Staff Discussion Note (2020)

"Growth slowdowns and Under-development in Low Income Countries" (with L. Zhang)

    • Book chapter in "Frontier and Developing Asia: the next generation of Emerging markets"